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Fire and Metal: Chapter 1 Excerpt
    Allierius was jolted from his sleep by the sensation of ice needles hitting his back. Looking around he remembered for the hundredth time where he was and why he was there. And knew exactly what had woken him up. The dank, dirty, and hot cell that was Zirazar Prison. A partially underground encampment located inside Hellgate Mountain, the biggest volcano in all of Arigossi. He had been awoken by a guard pouring ice cold water down his back. Though with the heat Hellgate emitted, the water was almost pleasant.
    Zirazar, the city of Fire, was one of the biggest cities in Umoreviel, after it’s capital Teimos. And Allierius had been thrown into it’s esteemed prison for stealing, in all fairness though, that man owed him money, Allierius was simply taken what was owed to him. The guards of Zirazar sure hadn’t seen it that way though. All they saw was a grimy, filthy low life that reeked of mead and sweat.
    Closing his eyes, Allierius
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Fire and Metal: Prologue
    In the year 332 Arigossi was in a state of distress, boiling over with angry rebels, starving commoners, and social injustice.
    Thousands of years ago a group of twelve deities emerged from the sea, the volcanoes, the earth, and the air. Three from each. Born of magic and power they saw the world they’d been born to as complete and utter chaos. So in those first hours of the world, the twelve deities formed their bodies and their minds. Becoming the order in the chaos. Using the powers available to them they created the relics that would shape the world as it would be.
    First came Aries, the goddess of soldiers and war. She controlled fire in her touch and created a longsword. Next came Taurus, the god of lovers, and the harvest. He would fashion a mace for himself. After him came Gemini, the goddess of the lost, children, and hope, she would create twin daggers for herself. Fourth came Cancer, the goddess of mothers, childbirth, marriage a
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The Winter Daughter and The Summer Sister
The Winter Daughter beautiful and cold
alone in a world she is very old,
Her hair is white as the new fallen snow
but few will ever see, for she will not show,
Her eyes have seen sorrow
Misery and pain,
Red that covered snow when the martyrs were slain,
She dreams of the sun
Of warmth and love
Praying to the sky,
To the angels above,
The Summer Sister is warm with happiness and love
But she still prays to angels above,
For she sister she lost to the cold bitter wind
Hoping one day she’ll come back again
Winter and Summer, the opposites align
Looking to the west, scanning for a sign
They call to each other, though no one will hear
Holding onto memories that are so dear
Summer cries for the daughter broken and alone
Seeing the sun, as it brightly shone
Winter cries for the sister raw with heartache
Waiting for the day the cold spell will break
Forever they stand, alone and strong
Knowing the other to always be wrong
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So I have found a new project to invest all my time and creative energy into.

So about a few months ago, I started coming up with this idea that involved me and my friends, and it was really just a joke of a story. Most of it meant to be funny. Fast forward a few months and I'm running low on inspiration, but feel the overwhelming urge to write. So I pull out my chromebook and start making spreadsheets and writing in a notebook. Within a week, I have a map, a government, and characters to fill up an imaginary land and move along a plot line. Give it another week, and I have worked out every last detail of this story and begun writing.

So I posted the prologue and small part of chapter 1.

Now I'm writing as many pages as I can and drawing the characters.

So I've started my new project and here I am. I hope to bring more attention to my story over time and that others will fall in love with it as much as I have. So please, to all my followers, check out the small excerpts I've given you and give me a week and character pictures and profiles will be up.

I hope to keep this story rolling for a while and that it brings attention and fans, as all I've ever wanted to do is write a story that people love and want to read.


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